New York Slimes

I quote: That's the lesson of these trials. For years, Republicans have used Congress and the White House to showcase the ugliness of late-term abortions. The public, naturally repelled, endorsed the so-called partial-birth ban, and Congress enacted it.

But an abortion ban isn't just a moral statement. It's a pledge to prosecute, and prosecution introduces a different kind of ugliness: the public investigation of personal tragedies. That's the ugliness that lies ahead. If Americans won't take that warning from today's marchers, maybe they'll take it from John Ashcroft.

I hate the New York Times. I really do. For the sake of clarity, lets go through this so called partial birth abortion procedure, dialation and extraction, whatever. Lets:

The baby is forced delivered like it would be if a normal birthing process is taking place. He is delivered in all sense but the head. However, instead of delivering a viable human life, the doctor takes a needle, punctures the baby's brains, takes a vacuum and sucks them out, and then chops the baby up piece by piece. This process ends by throwing the baby in the garbage can.

Medical necessity?

Ok, a_____hole, you justify this procedure as a medical necessity. Go ahead, try me. If this was three seconds later and the baby was fully delivered, we would use the force of God to throw this doctor in jail and pray to God that his murderous sickening ways could be forgiven before he dies. No, instead, we get the New York Slimes writing a stupid article whining and moaning about how medical records are going to be declassified so the Justice department can "prove" to the court that this proceedure has never been needed medically.

Over 1 million innocent human lives are aborted each year. To think that the richest, most advanced nation on the planet resorts to this type of barbarism daily is a sickening display at how disgusting some aspects of our culture really are.

God save the New York Times.