Festa's Rant: The death of dating

Well, anyone who wants to deny that the world is heading towards damnation fast might want to take a look at this David Beckam situation. It's quite pathetic.

For those who do not know who David Beckam is, don't worry. He is the generic dope who people find attractive because he doesn't shower, grow's a half beard, can kick a soccer ball fairly well, and says "yo" with a British accent. He possesses next to no intelligence, no sense of humor, and he is about as fun to talk to as a goldfish. In other words, he is your typical male suitor.

Well, anyway, this Beckam character is married to some former spice chick (you remember them, right). Unfortunately, this "spice chick" wasn't exactly doing it for him so he kinda went behind her back and messed around with another girl.

Woopie, what's the story here Festa? Well apparently this is a newsworthy story that has been plastered all over the front pages of Britain (apparently freeing enslaved cultures in the middle east is page 2 news now). The following is an interview with the mistress with commentary from your's truly.

"The woman who claims to have had an affair with David Beckham says he was an "amazing lover" and the pair "couldn't keep their hands off each other" in the bedroom."

Festa: Well it's good to know these people have the maturity of a couple of infants. What a wonderful effect the death of dating has had on our culture: people revert back to their crudest most basic animal instincts in order to justify whatever abusive evil that is associated with the rejection of courtship and respect. I betcha these two are really good at sustaining relationships!

"Rebecca, 26, said they started kissing passionately in a chauffeur-driven car on the way back to the football star's hotel room on September 18 last year.

Asked about whether she was aware of the driver, she said: "At that stage the feelings were so strong it didn't matter where you are."

Rebecca said the married father-of-two was an "amazing", "generous" and "giving" lover.

"He knows how to please. He's not afraid of a woman's body. He seems to know what he's doing," she said."

Festa: imagine life like this. You hook up, drop like a bad habit..hook up, then drop like a bad habit...then you abuse, and drop like a bad habit... then you impregnant and then pay alimony...then you grow old, take viagra, hook up, and drop like a bad habit...then you die. If I am 26 and even consider doing something like this, please shoot me.

"In the interview she said the pair had slept together less than six times but he left her "very satisfied" every time.

But she said their final sexual encounters were more about sex than love.

"It started off tenderly and became much more sexual towards the end," she said."

Festa: I promised myself not to use to word stupid when characterizing someone, but I grant myself a dispensation here: This woman is STOOOOOPID. Oh yeah, I am sure he really "loved" you and "cared" for you in the beginning. Let me take a wild guess here and make the claim that if you did not "bang" him (what a great word we moderns came up with) he wouldn't have given you the time of day. Here's a hint, get a clue.

"But she added: "I think the problems were in their marriage long before I came into the picture."

Festa: wow that is the shocker of the century.

While I am in the mood to rant, let me stretch this argument out further. This represents the triumph of bad feminism (feminism B) over the good feminism (femisim A) to the point where the people who are getting hurt the most here are women.

There was a time when feminism was associated with overcoming the unnatural hierarchy between men and women, recognizing the equality between the two sexes, and yet still retaining a sense that the two do have differences (which do not make them less equal!). Women were equal to men and men were equal to women. Yet this feminism recognizes legitimate differences between the two that in no way contradicted the fundamental tenents of feminism (take for example a mother's love for a child versus a fathers love for a child. They are both equal, yet there are still somehow unique, which is good)

Yet for some reason the radical ideologues had to come along and ruin what was otherwise a good cause. This feminism saught to "liberate" women from oppressive sexual ethics, deny the legitimate need for males, and deny that there can ever exist any sort of love between a man and a woman.

This of course, enslaved the very people it was trying to free. By advocating the complete subjugation of reason to the passions, women became enslaved by their emotions and feelings. So did men. Yet I mention women because it is my firm conviction that it is women who are hurt more by this. This poor woman really doesn't have clue... how could she? she was never taught what a "clue" was. Becuase of this, some nihilistic brit names "Beckam" (rhymes with Wickam...har har..ok no one got that) with a bad shave can come along, say "hey look at me kick a soccer ball into the goal," abuse her, and then walk away. And this poor girl is justifying him?

How dare he do this?

Maybe there will be a day when feminism is returned to its proper roots and doesn't associate itself with people who think that candlelight dinners and treating women with respect are a form of rape.

If I didn't believe in an omniscient merciful God, I would be pretty skeptical.