A catholic institution?

I am finishing up my last semester at Loyola College. I am very grateful for the education I have received here and have even written about it.


However, I have recently become extremely dismayed with the way this college has been promulgating and teaching the faith. For instance, I just finished reading in the greyhound about a full weeks worth of campus sponsered events on sexual diversity.


My own personal beliefs not withstanding, I am not de facto opposed to such an event (although the broad term "sexual diversity" scares me. Trangender?) But why has there not been a similar event with the abortion controversy. The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is a moral evil that must be countered. Therefore, it is the job of a Catholic institution to do all that it can to counter this tendency to view abortion as an economic or judgment calculation on the part of the mother. Why is there no keynote speakers and discussion groups for this debate? When I went back to my Catholic high school, I saw posters all over the school of the Pope and Mother Theresa condemning the abomination that is abortion. Why do I not see similar posters here at Loyola? This is a culture that views the extraction of a baby to the point of delivery followed by the sucking of its brains out with a tube as a medical procedure. Is this not an evil that needs to be countered with all the vigor and might that a Catholic institution is de facto supposed to represent?

Another event that annoyed me was a lecture sponsered by the Center of Values an Services entitled "Why Service?" This particular lecturer, Colman McCartney, was a supposed peace activist. Yet it became abundantley clear to me after 5 minutes of this lecture that this man was nothing but an arrogant nihilistic nutbag. In the beginning of his lecture he led a prayer (so broadly defined that, as he said, an atheist wouldn't have objected) in which he said the following:

"Let us pray for all those people who have died by violence and all those animals that were killed by human greed."

Yes, that's right. He just equated human beings with animals. Sickening. The College should be ashamed of itself for allowing a wacko with beliefs as nutty as these disgrace Christ and his Church. Who knew that a Catholic institution would support a nut whose philosophy equates KFC chicken with the holocaust. (To those who say that maybe he didn't mean this, baloney. He said this in the same sentence and with the same vigor. By making the claim that it is an abomination that any human being kill an animal right after he righly claimed the former, he is equivocating. There is no difference between him and the most extreme wacko at PETA. He may deny it if you call him up, but it's not hard to understand his philosophy.)

I left almost immediately after that (I did stay for the following statement though. "40 million people are currently illiterate, they are probably the one's who voted for George Bush") so I do not know if he actually said something informative on the value of service. It doesn't matter.

I take solace in the fact that a majority of the faculty does not think the way that the above people do.