Spanish elections

Wonderful, the socialists just took over power in Spain

The opening paragraph is the most scary: "The opposition Socialists scored a dramatic upset win in Spain's general election Sunday, un-seating conservatives stung by charges they provoked the Madrid terror bombings by supporting the U.S.-led war in Iraq and making Spain a target for al-Qaida."

Sigh. The socialists are playing off of the fear of the Spanish people. Does this new ruling party really think it can run and hide from the fascists? I guess what they figure is that Al Queda will just continue on bombing us and killing our innocent citizens. So long as they are doing that, they can continue on in their socialistic fantasy land. What a great way to honor the brave souls who were unjustly murdered in Madrid! Horrible

The terrorists may be retaliating against the Iraq war and pulling out may stop another terrorist attack in the short term. But Spain cannot hide from this problem forever. One would think that Europe learned their lesson after WWII, where millions of lives could have been saved if the continent recognized evil when they saw it. This is a bad day for liberal democracy. A great ally of the United States has just elected a bunch of anachronistic Neanderthal's.

Update -Thanks to www.right-thinking.com for this passage:

"If only Spain had not supported the evil terrorist George W. Bush then the Islamic fascists would have left Spain completely unharmed. This is exactly the same drivel we heard from much of Australia after the Bali bombing. Come to think of it, we also heard if after the Istanbul bombings, and the Morocco bombings, and after just about every other terrorist bombing. There seems to be a pattern here: any action by al Qaeda is merely a reaction to the world's number one terrorist George W. Bush and racist hegemonic America. If only the peace loving nations of the world could show the Islamofascists that they are not their enemy, then none of these attacks would ever take place!

Winston Churchill once said, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile -- hoping it will eat him last." Well in this case the crocodile is Islamic fascism, and it needs to be killed now before it gets any more hungry. "