Will the West Fight?

I have officially lost it with Old Europe. If they want to die a long narcissistic death, go bug off. I say this because I have become deeply depressed by the results of the recent spanish election (see below). The idea that a majority of the Spanish people thought the Spanish government more culpable for the bombings in Madrid then the terrorists themselves is both pathetic and cowardly.

Europe seems to be under the impression that there is no real threat. A couple of bombs here, a few thousand people there, where's the problem? Where's the problem? Cowards.

John Kerry wants to submit to the will of the United Nations, a body so corrupt that they put a pre-Iraq Libya in charge of a weapons of mass destruction disarmament committee. Libya? Also, what is Iran doing on the human rights committee? This is the same country that stoned a woman and threw a man off a cliff because they committed adultery. Where's the outrage?

Sure, Old Europe will scream foul. We helped you in Afghanistan! Baloney. As the British Columnist Mark Steyn said in the London Telegraph,

The other day, the editor of Le Monde, writing in the Wall Street Journal, dismissed as utterly false the widespread belief among all Americans except John Kerry's campaign staff that France is a worthless ally: "Let us remember here," he wrote, "the involvement of French and German soldiers, among other European nationalities, in the operations launched in Afghanistan to pursue the Taliban, track down bin Laden and attempt to free the Afghans."

Oh, put a baguette in it, will you? The Continentals didn't "launch" anything in Afghanistan. They showed up when the war was over - after the Taliban had been toppled and the Afghans liberated. And a few hundred Nato troops in post-combat mopping-up operations barely registers in the scale against the gazillions of Americans defending the Continent so that EU governments can blow their defence budgets on welfare programmes that make the citizens ever more enervated and dependent.

Here in America, we have a pretty clear choice for President in 2004. We can elect a man who, whatever his faults, recognizes the threat of Islamo-Fascism and the limits of the state or we can elect a man who will submit to the corrupt UN and pacify, to the extent that he can, the American people with his shopworn welfare soma.

Couldn't be any more clearer to me.