What this election is about

Don't you love it when stupid people say stupid things.

''I think he has a record of voting for NAFTA; he has a record of voting for a number of things -- and I know that's his record, and in the future he will have a different record, and that is because of the campaign, because of the commitments, and because he feels what's going on in the country."

James Hoffa

We are in the midst of a war where we are fighting a ideological battle against murderous tyrants and Mr. Hoffa is worried about NAFTA. Oh no, the biggest issue facing this country isn't what to do with the radical terrorists who want to kill me and my family, it's about trade with Mexico.

There are two main issues at stake in this election. One is unborn human life (Kerry supports killing it) and the other is the war on terrorism.

This election is not about taxes. It is not about trade and it is not about standards of living. If it were about the latter, then both candidates would put forth proposals to restructure the welfare system to deliver efficient benefits (not handouts) to the poor and NOT the middle class. But neither are doing that.

No, this election is about the future prosectution of the war on terrorism.

Stop ducking the issue.