Movie Review: Spiderman

Spiderman 2 picks off right where the first one left off. Peter Parker, having been given spider like superpowers, rejects the offer of love from Mary Jane out of fear for her life. Parker now has to live with the consequences of rejecting love for the life of a superhero and the second movie deals with the reprecussions of this choice.

Spiderman 2 deals with honor, sacrifice, and courage. Yet the movie does not potrary a fairy tale version of the life of a hero. The movie shows that choosing the heroic life has its consequences. Mary Jane despises Peter for being distant and his best friend is furious at Parkers protection of Spiderman (Spiderman caused the death of his father, the villian of the first movie). Parker is fired from his job for being late, his grades are slipping, and he forced to live in a one room shack. The entire first half of the movie deals with Parker's response to his altered circumstances.

Most have compared the movie to Superman, which is considered the best of the comic book movies. But such a comparison does not do Spiderman 2 justice. Spiderman 2 is easily the best comic book movie that has ever been made because it transcends its genre. The movie is not merely a comic book movie. It is a movie about heroism and love that happens to use the comic book motif to tell its tale.